Flourish Landscapes aim is to provide clients either private or commercial with a reliable, comprehensive and professional design service.

Concept Plans :
The concept plan solves basic movement and flow issues.  It outlines the main features of your garden such as driveways, lawn areas, planting areas, feature trees and material suggestions.  We encourage you to have input into this process and ask you to compile a list of ideas so we can work together to create your garden.
To develop this plan we will;

  • Visit your site
  • Complete a site analysis
  • Measure your site

For the budget conscientious, a concept plan and plant listing may be all that is required.

A concept plan is often required on large projects or when certain issues require further resolution.  When this plan has been reviewed and agreed upon we can then progress with the design process and other plans.

Layout Plans :
This plan shows the layout of the garden and formalizes the elements of the design including paths, planting areas, landforms, screens, fences etc.  It formalizes any changes as agreed upon from the concept plan in consultation with the client.


Planting Plans :
A planting plan compliments the layout plan or concept plan and basically shows what plants are being used and where they are to be positioned in the landscape.  It also allows you to take into consideration the mature size of the plants and the number of plants required to complete the landscape project.

Plant Listings :
Plant listings can also be a stand alone item for those people who do not require any major construction works in their project, but require advice on plant selection and location.

Presentation Plans :
As the name implies this is a coloured plan representing how the finished landscape project will look.  It also includes either cross section or elevation drawings for main garden features where extra information needs to be highlighted.  Construction details may also need to be included for some larger projects with hard landscaping elements.


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